Competitive Analysis

Part of what my research entails when working with a new client is learning not only about their businesses mission, objectives and needs, but doing research on who their competitors are in their market.  For Dog Club Miami, I took a look at different dog day cares in the Miami area and compared their logos to company’s like Rover that has an even larger reach.  I inspected their value props, type, and imagery.


Next was taking what I learned from the competitive analysis and client brief to begin looking at different imagery for inspiration. I researched scenic photos of Miami, color palettes, and badge designs.

Logo Concepts

Brand Attributes: Healthy, Fun, Interactive

With plans to expand, the goal was to provide a very versatile logo that could work in many locations. The concepts I created used a variety of dog breeds posed in different playful positions. I incorporated other iconography that’s associated with dogs such as a paw, bone, and play toy. Some of the samples uses Dog Club Miami’s slogan which is “Healthy, Fun, Interactive.”

In one of my logo drafts, I created a version using Augustine, the owner’s dog. Since he is what inspired launching the business, I felt using his silhouette would really personalize the brand and create a mascot for Dog Club Miami.

Final Logo

Dog Club Miami, favored the logo using Augustine. The logo achieved the goal of being versatile by providing spacing at the base of the emblem for the location to be interchanged and using color schemes that best represent each location for when launched. The owner asked to have two interchangeable logos which contain different color palettes that could be used across their marketing.

Color scheme

For the exploration of color, I knew we wanted it to be vibrant. The colors were Miami retro inspired and swatches of Florida sunsets pulled from image searches. The vibrant colors create a fun and approachable type of energy to a lively type of business.

#1FFFFF- Aqua

#ff45bd- Rose

#223f94- Cornflower Blue

#ffbd17 – Selective Yellow


I used a bold narrow styled font for Dog Club to have it license plate or dog tag with it sitting on top of the bone. The scripted font below nicely pairs with the modern san-serif styled font. This font adds a playful energy that works in emphasizing key messaging.

Branded Icons

The fun dog themed icons works as an extension of the brand. It generates life into what seems as your typical dog service company.

Printed Collateral & Signage
Apparel & Merchandise
Social Media Graphics

Below are some gifs that were designed to be used on Dog Club Miami’s social channels. These animated stickers use hashtags which can be searched when creating a post or story. These serve the purpose of creating brand awareness in order to drive more client attraction to the business.

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