Competitive Analysis

Before getting started on any work, I first research fonts, colors and other fitness logos as inspiration and direction for the brand.

Logo Concepts

Brand Attributes: Active, Bold, Collaborative, Strong, Lifestyle, Inspiring

After doing a competitive analysis of different logos, and learning the client’s preferences and styles, my next step is putting together different concepts that really capture the brand’s attributes.  Below are different logo concepts I came up with.

Final Logo

The logo represents the wide span of topics that Fit Share covers.  The logo portrays this through depicting a barbell and lotus flower in the chat bubbles.

Color scheme

The grey represents weights and symbolizes strength and power, while the contrasting light blue demonstrates a tranquil aura for yoga.

#414042 –  Jet

#3994b7 – Blue Green


The selected font has a clean modern approach that translates well on many platforms. By using a rounded font, this compliments the weight and rounded end points of the logo mark. In addition, the curvature of the different letters of the typeface is styled to look like people bending in different athletic positions.

Social Media Graphics

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