Competitive Analysis

Before embarking on creating logo concepts, I first learn about the competition in Thrive’s space. I check out local competitor’s sites not only at a design perspective but as well as their value props and other key messaging.


Brand Attributes: Holistic, Natural, Healing, Community

After doing a deep dive of the competition, and reviewing Thrive’s company goals and objectives, I began working on different logo concepts. Since Thrive believes in a holistic approach for chiropractic care, it was important to create logos that really reflect that.

Final Logo

I drew from the inspiration of various Chiropractic logos, to create a recognizable logo mark of a spine as the replacement of the letter “i” in Thrive.

Color scheme

I shared a few color options of the logo with the client, but decided after that it was best to go with earthy colors that echo the brand for Thrive.

#0091b0 – Blue Munsell

#70cbce – Turquoise

#40403f – Jet


Similarly to how the colors and design have a very natural look, the font below uses a typeface that resembles more a handwritten style which works great with creating that organic appearance.

Printed Collateral

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