Competitive Analysis

Before creating a logo, I take a look at different existing note taking type of applications.  I look at key things such as fonts, colors and imagery for inspiration and direction.

Logo Concepts

Brand Attributes: Smart, Efficient, Vibrant, Helpful

Incorporating the above personalities, I created some concepts that really embrace the idea of “Bright Notes.”  With creative word play, I looked at symbols that could best represent the meaning “Bright.”  Below are some concepts that focus on that.

Final Logo

The logo mark is constructed out of a light bulb and pencil reinforcing on the name for Bright Notes. This mark creates an excellent stand alone icon that makes it not only scalable but recognizable of the brand.

Color Scheme

After conducting research of different top rated apps there was a noticeable pattern of vibrant colors being used, which tends to be received better by consumers. Since the word “bright” is mentioned in the name, it felt appropriate to have work with saturated colors rather than neutral. The vibrant yellow symbolizes the word “bright,” and uses a charcoal grey for notes to reflect the led color in a pencil. The blue works as a secondary color that accents the yellow nicely across the brand.

#ffbd12 – Yellow

#191919 – Eerie Black

#003297 – Klein Blue


The typography was inspired based on the old way of taking notes using a typewriter, yet with more a modern edge to its look.  This idea was meant to represent how Bright Notes helps take the classic way of note-taking, but integrate them onto any mobile device for easier access to them and organization. In short, taking something classic and making it modern.


Bright Notes features a calendar which allows you to create an event such as an upcoming test.  In the edit event section, you can attach any notes for that test and set an alert reminder to study.  When the event alert pops up to study you can click the link below and review the notes attached. The notes are categorized on whatever subject they fall under in folders you have the option to color-code and name.  The app icon was inspired from the name “Bright Notes.”  Portraying a document that has to where shades because it is so bright.

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