Competitive Analysis

The first step  when creating a brand involves a lot of research.  I take a look at the Bbee’s local competitors, their preference of styles, and learn mroe about their business and objectives. All of these things are collectively used to provide a sense of clear direction and provide inspiration when creating a logo.

Logo Concepts

Brand Attributes: Authentic, Quality, Affordable, Family-Friendly

Once I had a solid understand of the client’s expectations combined with the research conducted, I was ready to start developing some logo concepts. The task was to modernize their brand without stripping away the character, work ethic and quality that makes their service legendary. The client loved the idea of having a hungry bee as their logo mark which would play off the businesses name. It was crucial to ensure that the illustration of the bee would not appear threatening as to not give the wrong message to their customers.

Final Logo

Bbee’s was really thrilled with this version, since they felt it captured their idea best with having a friendly hungry bee ready to chow down holding his knife and fork in hand.

Color scheme

In my research, I learned that the use of oranges and reds are a great way to invoke hunger.  I felt this was a great subtle way to drive more business and really provided a nice color scheme going with the bumble bee and honey theme.

#edb23a – Yellow Red

#c20819 – Venetian Red

#dcdde1 – Gainsboro

#000000 – Black


With having a really fun illustrated bee as their logo mark, it really needed a font that would tie in nicely to give it that drawn look. With using a hand-written font for Bbee’s, it drives the brand’s attributes of being authentic. The modern font below for Home Cooking, creates a nice balance between the two and makes the logo easily readable.

Branded Pattern

Once a logo was established, a brand pattern was created with the goal of providing visual interest and energy to Bbee’s identity. The honeycomb pattern with dripping honey elements to embody the theme of the bee were used as embellishments across all of the marketing created for Bbee’s.

Printed Collateral & Website

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