Digital Graphics for Television
HTV – All News Outlets: Ratings Template

During my day-to-day graphic requests, I noticed that producers were needing graphics for movie ratings on a weekly basis which required artists to build custom scenes that were very time consuming. My solution, was developing a dynamic template which could be filled by the producers. The template, I created, has multiple functions that can be used not only for rating movies, but anything else. This ratings template is regularly used on all 26 of our news stations. The ratings template works great not just for weekly box office sales, but other lists such as best restaurants and so much more. The image placeholder boxes that wipe in, can be filled with any image the producer needs. As the producer fills out the template, it adjusts to whatever the content they input.  For example, if a producer only requires a single point it will go to the single rating layout. If the producer needs more, it will go to a multi-rating layout, which can list as up to four points at a time. In addition, the producer has the option to switch from rating in stars or adding a number rating. Below is room for any sub text they might need about the content. Creating this template has been a huge asset to the daily workflow at Hearst television.

WMUR News: Candidate Cafe Logo

WMUR is a station that is based out of New Hampshire. During election season, WMUR is well known for organizing and producing candidate debates for ABC News, as well as CNN, before the first United States presidential primary. Candidate Cafe is developed in partnership between WMUR and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Political Library (NHIOP). During the Candidate Café series, audience have the chance to share a meal and discussion with a small group of undecided voters and a presidential candidate. Using the stars on top of the font and designing an abstract version of the United States Flag. The red stripes across the bottom are meant to accentuate the word candidate and white stripes circling around the logo. I created a circular shaped logo, to mirror the branding WMUR has which is much different than are standard diagrid look. The logo was first created in Illustrator then brought into Vizrt for 3D development. In addition to creating the logo, I produced all of the elements needed for the show which include: Transitions, Stingers, Monitors, and so forth.  To watch one of WMUR’s segments for Candidate Cafe click here. The logo is featured in the opening of the show.

KWBW News: Share the Love

Share the Love, a segment on KSBW, helps thousands of homeless pets all across the Central Coast of California. KSBW, a local news station that is based in Monterey County, gives viewers the opportunity to help animals who are lost, abandoned, and abused through donations and/or adoption.  The logo was designed to nestle the shapes of a dog and cat together between one heart. The red heart in the center adds as an accent to imbue the dog and cat together with emotional gravitas.

Website Graphics
HTV Design Academy Site: Website Banners

The HTV Design Academy Site website was designed as a guide for all of the news station’s producers to use.  On the site it covers the different stations core brands, questions for producers to run through which help direct them to a specific station’s brand, and so much more. The banners were used at the top of the pages as a visual way to navigate through the different types of resources.

HTV Design Academy Site: Website Buttons

In addition to the banners created for the website, Hearst’s sought to have additional icons on each clickable button that points producers to their desired source of information. Each icon was made distinctive to represents the context of the page that the button directs to.

KHBS News: Win & Swim Sweepstakes Website Ads

KHBS is the station that is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Win & Swim Sweepstakes was a contest KHBS was doing in July 2016, where anyone can enter to win four 2016 season passes to Parrot Island Waterpark in Fort Smith.  In order to enter, the person would need to go to anchorman Darby Bybee’s Facebook page. As part of this promotion, I created various ads for the sweepstakes which was posted on the KHBS website.

Print & Advertising
KSBW News: Estrella Christmas Cards

Each year a few of the stations like to put out a holiday card.  For KSBW’s 2015 Feliz Navidad Card, I was given the assignment with making a holiday card that was not only festive looking, but featured the Monterey bridge which is located in Monterey, California as is KSBW. The final product is a string of LED lights in the holiday colors stringing down the entire bridge way. The greeting on the front says “Feliz Dias Festivos!,” which translates to Happy Holidays! I emphasized the second line with estrellaTv’s branded yellow and used the rest of their brand’s colors in the drop shadow of the text to compliment the colorful theme of the lights below.

WVTM News: Steve Harvey Billboard

WVTM is located in Birmingham, Alabama. They partnered with Birmingham’s radio station Hot 107.7 on this project. Hot 107.7 has a segment which airs the Steve Harvey morning show. In addition, Steve Harvey is one of WVTM’s most popular syndicated shows in the afternoon. The billboard was seen on I-20 in Birmingham. They required something clean and easy to read for people passing by quickly on the highway. The billboard was a success in gaining a larger following.

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